Working with national and international business units to fine tune their ERP software needs in both industry and professional practices. Establishing strategic and operational plans to meet these needs. Improving the cost efficiency of the systems. Implementing the plans, establishing processes to measure and review the quality and achievement of the plans. Liaising and contracting with external consultants.



Developing business policies and processes. Analysing Business process needs, aptitude, multi-cultural and competency requirements, designing and implementing large scale systems processes for end users, supervisors, managers and director level. Designing and delivering training programmes from end users to director level. Running team development programmes to formulate their business strategic goals, motivate roles and improve efficiencies when using ERP systems. Implementation planning for numerous ‘Blue Chip’ companies.



“Ashwin is highly knowledgeable supportive yet challenging.”(February 1984), Reuters International, Managing director – Africa


“Ashwin has an unusual breadth of skills for helping both teams and individuals move forward more effectively. Rather than lingering on presented symptoms, his exceptional skill is to uncover not-so-easily visible underlying causes. He seamlessly combines both a warm engaging customer-focussed attitude, with an objective challenging approach, his main focus is always on crystallising the priority impacting

problems, and helping the team or individual arrive at the optimal solutions. He's also a great facilitator. There are very few Ashwin's around - which makes him rather special....

(September 1996) Scala International, Founder & CEO


“Ashwin is a highly experienced & effective consultant, bringing a high level of professionalism & capability to every assignment that he undertakes. He

balances the needs of the business with the needs of all stakeholders to arrive at appropriate & beneficial ways forward. He relates well at all levels & delivers positive outcomes.

(October 2003) ATC Management Ltd, Managing Director


“Ashwin planned and delivered an excellent Sales  Training course for my team of 30 staff. Ashwin researched my needs thoroughly and produced a superbly tailored event complete with full course documentation. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

(June 2006) Marquate Germany, Director operations IT


“Ashwin impressed me with his thorough knowledge of the subject he was retained to deliver. He is a keen practitioner and I have consistently sought on-going advice in that regard. His preparation is meticulous and the subject content is delivered very professionally

.” (December 2006) Pelican International Inc, IT-Director


“Ashwin Shah has consistently proved to be a wholly client centred consultant who displays exceptionally high levels of professionalism and quality of service. He really does listen and takes enormous trouble to ensure he fully understand his clients needs before devising solutions. I can't recommend him enough.” (December 2007) Epicor Corporation, Director Consulting Services


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